Primary caregiving

Here at Globalkids we use concepts from the Pikler Philosophy

Where your child will have one primary caregiver who will be your point of contact and guide your child through their learning journey.

This allows children to gain the ability to form deeper relationships with teachers and peers and less transitions to undertake.

Mixed age environment

At Globalkids Early Learning Centre we are one big family, where children are not segregated by age. A place where siblings can grow and learn together in a loving, caring and trusting environment.


At Globalkids we accept, encourage, celebrate and learn from the cultural backgrounds within our preschool community. We join together to celebrate our cultural differences, diversity, and value our similarities, within the Globalkids Early Learning Centre community.

Peer role modelling

The Maori concept of Tuakana-teina, is embraced at Globalkids, where a more experienced child helps and guides a younger or less experienced child within the learning environment.

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